Monday, May 2, 2011

Real. Talk.

This year, I was in Fine Arts, and it was really fun! Today, I'm talking about the highlights of the trip. And Mispell Munday is temporarily cancelled, returning in the summer.
Well, I discovered that there are many things I'm interested in for next year. I already listed most of them, but I also want to do:

Vocal Ensemble, Small
Childrens' Lesson

A Childrens' Lesson is just like a drama, but targeted towards little kids. I don't know what mine will be about... forgiveness, maybe.

What's good? Nathan or Brian would say "Real talk" or "Legitimacy". I know, I don't get it either.

Our band was the first group in our church to perform, and we saw two bands before us. The first band was AMAZING.... it probably scared all of us, I know it freaked me out. I could not breathe the entire time they performed, but caught my breath again when I realized they were in Kappa Tau, and not Fine Arts.

The second band was a younger group, so they didn't hit all the notes in "You Are More" (yes, by Tenth Avenue North) that I was hoping.

Our group did great, though.... second place in Ohio! (note: If you're nervous, Sarah is a great person to talk to! Very optimistic! If you're upset, you wanna talk to Kayla.)

Nathan accused Maria of having the Bieber Fever... when really I'm the one that's usually accused.

Chris doesn't believe that I've had a concussion before because I said I banged my head on the wall and "could feel my brain move". Of course, saying that made Chris laugh, but it's true!

The ride home was peaceful... although I was really mad about the really bad score I got in my Book Chapter, I got over it after about a day.

And we made Nationals.

Completely legitimate. (Oops! I meant Legitimacy!)

What's good?

Real talk, REAL. TALK. Phoenix.... here we come! *So excited...*

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