Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whoa! Did You Know?

Today I was listening to K-LOVE and I heard something that made Angelic Angelica shout: "I have to blog about this!" Take the floor away, Angelic Angelica!

Did you know that the Salvation Army has been around for almost 150 years! Awesome! We think of maniacs ringing bells sometimes when we think of the Salvation Army, at least I do, but would you believe they made donuts famous?

You best believe it! During WWI, they made them famous by cooking dough in their hats! It would be TERRIBLE if one of them had lice or dandruff!

Although people enjoyed donuts long before then, donuts really took the limelight away during that war.

We had fun learning new stuff, now, let's learn about being apart of our own Army of Salvation.

Never thought of grabbing a bell and collecting money? Why don't you start your OWN army?

It can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Start a plan. First, before anything, you need to know your CAUSE. Is it raising $300 to help a homeless kid go to camp? Is it selling bracelets to support your church BGMC? Throwing a big dance with a group of friends for money for the animal hospital? You MUST know your cause. Once you know that, get friends involved, send out flyers, and advertise yourself every way you can. If you want, I can solicitate for you on THIS blog.

2. Write it down. You must memorize your plan.

3. Do it! You should have a strong base of customers, for example, grab a church directory and give out flyers to anyone you know. Make sure your cause is appealing, so people will actually want to help. Make the stuff you sell high quality. Tip: Do something you are REALLY good at. For example, I might show a floor set I made up to show all my gymnastic highlights and attract people AND their cash. Madison Combs might sell weaved bracelets. Maria might sell puff balls. Ms. Robin might read to kids in a library. Do whatever you can do best.

That's your own army right there!

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