Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Journalism: THAT Was Easy!

Some love it, some hate it, everyone has a different view of journalism. But I love it. And today I'm gonna teach you how to love it too.

First, you wanna start with little steps. The best way to start is by keeping a diary everyday possible for one year or more. Once you can do that, start blogging. If you already have a blog, try to work harder on making your posts longer, more interesting, and blogging more often.

Next, try taking sermon notes for one month every Sunday. If you are going to church camp this year, (Kids Camp, Missions Extreme, Junior High Camp or Senior High Camp) take sermon notes on every sermon throughout the week and be sure to write in your journal about every day of camp before you go to bed.

A more advanced step is to interview people. I've interviewed people from Drew to Natalie Isaacs to Becca to Leah to Micheala to Kayla. it's important to remember things that were going on while you interviewed, like here's what I remembered:

Drew: Drew was playing with balls at the '09 JBQ state meet
Natalie: Natalie was in a pew at the '09 state meet
Becca: I was going to church I think, and gave her a paper
Leah: She was watching TV while I was blogging from Becca's netbook
Micheala: I gave her brother a 'TOP SECRET' file with her interview inside and she gave it back on a Tuesday.
Kayla: We were eating Bolivian food for FAITH and I gave her a piece of paper while we ate.

Be sure to remember certain things like that. The interviewee will be surprised--- THEY may not even remember what they were doing!

Now you may start writing non-fiction stories. Some ideas:

-Does green tea help you lose weight?
-Does proactiv work?
-The possible origin of the high-five.

These will get you not only more readers, but more followers.

Tweet it! Not everyone likes blogging. But if you're on Twitter with parents' permission, you can write about what you've blogged recently, which may get some readers for your blog as well as your Twitter page!

Magazines for You!
Sports Illustrated for Kids (good for teens, too! I Luv that magazine!)
Discovery Girls

American Cheerleader
Teen Vogue
Oncourse (available at ThExperience, if you wanna see a copy!)

Readers' Digest
Bass Player (my dad suggested that one.)

I hope you liked it and I hope your journalism gets higher in level!

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