Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Get Down... He Lifts Me Up!

If you are participating in Fun Arts, you know what I'm talking about. And speaking of which...

Fun Arts is THIS weekend! It'll be so fun singing my solo, singing in band, dancing to "wherever we go" with Maria, and showing everyone my writing talents! This upcoming weekend is also gonna be one where we'll see a lot of kids that will perform BETTER than us. That's why we must realize that no matter how bad at everything we are, that doesn't mean we're horrible!

Last week I experienced something that made me kind of angry at first but now I can have fun doing it. In gymnastics, a whole bunch of level 3 girls just moved up, and I mean a LOT. (Once, 27 kids were in that level.) When I entered the gym, I was shocked! "How did all these kids get in my level?" I questioned myself angrily. I didn't recognize ANYONE but three people. I immediately hated my class. I didn't have the best attitude. "I can't concentrate in that class!" I complained. "I'm moving up to level 5 as fast as possible!!!" But the next day, I realized something good.

There were only about... 8 girls maybe in my class before? Now, who knows. But I realized that before, I dreaded going to gymnastics everyday because:

I KNEW everyone was better than me.

I KNEW my back walkover would probably never happen.

I KNEW I was the only girl in class who couldn't do a back walkover.

I KNEW that everyone was closer to their back handspring than I was.

And I knew that in order to beat them, I had to practice intensely.

Gymnastics wasn't even fun anymore. I was pressured on being the best in class, making nearly flawless routines, ignoring my hip to go down in splits anyway, (which I couldn't do) sticking vault landings, not bouncing off my head, making it over on back walkovers. Do you find THAT fun? It wasn't! Being best in class is just something that comes natural, and you keep working for, not something you force yourself to acheive. But I was only thinking about a temporary prize.

1 Corinthians 9:24-27.

But soon, I realized that I really CAN'T do everything, and I may be the only girl in class that can't do a back walkover, and everyone may have moved up to level 5 while I'm still in 4, but someone standing on the outside would have said, "Whoa! Look at that one-arm cartwheel! What an awesome front tuck! How can she do that round-off?" It reminds me of when I watch lyrical dancers perform.

They'd be turning numerous pirouettes on one leg when I can just barely do one. But if they looked at me, doing pirouettes on my HANDS, they'd be like, "Whoa! Okay, I CANNOT do that!" Or like,

If Drew for example was playing piano, I'd probably feel terribly dumb, or if I saw Becca writing her songs and poems, I probably would have felt terribly uneducated! But if they saw me do the splits, (one of the easiest skills ever if it weren't for my hip!) they'd probably think I was so flexible! (however, I'm not.)

And you DON'T have to be THE star to be A star.

But in my new class, I AM probably one of the most talented. Maybe it's because I'm one of the only level 4 veterans in class. But we all have those down moments, and maybe it took some extra time in level 4 to really be lifted up!

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