Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life Lessons With TAN.

Lesson 2, Strong Enough To Save.

"He'll break open skies to save those who cry out His name, the water, wind, and waves obey..."

Guess what? I BOUGHT "Over And Underneath" by Tenth Avenue North today! The new CD? Out May 11th, Tuesday.

I don't remember quote on quote what Mike Donehey said about this, so I'll write what I remember. Just like Quotation questions, if you don't know it quote on quote, you shouldn't say it--- at all. (If you've heard of JBQ, you get my drift.)

When [Mike Donehey] was younger, it used to freak me (Mike's view) out when I told people about Jesus. It really freaked me out. When you tell people about Jesus, some people love it, some people hate it, some people are kind of annoyed by it; you get tons of different reactions, just some people love it, some people hate it...

And sometimes, people really hate it, and when they take it the wrong way, sometimes we're like, 'Maybe I need to change that' or 'Maybe I need to change this'. Because somewhere along the line, we believe this lie that God NEEDS us.

God DOESN'T need us. And it plays a horrible role on my self-esteem, but it also gives me great hope, even in the most hopeless case. I mean, you look down, and you're thinking: 'That guy. THAT GUY is hopeless.' (He laughs.) But what we don't understand is that we don't save people. God's the one that saves people, not us. And it's God's decision for them to get saved, not mine. And it gives me the most hope, for even the most hopeless case. Because He's strong enough to save.
-Mike Donehey

Forgot to tell you, "Healing Begins" is on Hope's iPod. Check it out, because if you like it, it's on iTunes! "Strong Enough To Save" is on iTunes! Also, get "You Are More" from iTunes! Other songs, well, that's why you buy CDs!

Save The Date: May 11th, Tuesday, iTunes or Family Christian Stores. I'm buying it at pitch black midnight, I want to be the first person with it!!!!!!!!!

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