Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life Lessons With TAN.

"This is where the healing begins, ohhh.... this is where the healing starts..."

"You know, I don't remember who told me this story, a friend or youth pastor, but this teenage couple goes up to the youth pastor and admits that they had sinned very badly to him and the youth pastor says, 'You know it's funny that you're telling me, because I already knew. Someone saw you.' And the couple starts going nuts and they're like, 'Someone SAW us?' And he's like, 'Well, yeah, God saw you.' And they're like, 'Right. God saw us. Duh!' And it's funny, that when we're talking to God, we're completely fine, but when we're confessing to people, that's when we really get freaked out... When we're talking to God, sometimes it seems like it isn't real, like it's still just a fairytale. But when we put flesh on that person we're telling, that's when we're really freaked out. And that's when we know we really need a savior then. You see, sometimes, we suffer from the Rocky syndrome. Like, when Rocky's talking to his trainer, and he's like, 'Yo Mac, I gotta go fifteen rounds so then they know I'm not a bum.' With his face all... (he laughs. He's a big Rocky fan, even at the concert he mentioned Rocky.)

"But the thing is, Rocky was trying to be his own savior. He was trying to go fifteen rounds, complete all this, so that people won't think he's a bum. But we really can't save ourselves. Well, I hope this encourages you to confess your sins. I know it's scary, but you gotta do it."
-Mike Donehey, lead singer, guitar player

This is from the new Tenth Avenue North podcast. It's free on iTunes! Buy all 4, soon coming, 5 and 6! If your life isn't changed after the viewing of each podcast, well, it's free so you can't get your money back, but... ENJOY!

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