Monday, May 10, 2010

This One's For Elayna & Maria

You girls are the ONLY people who have recently visited Gymnastics IS Life! Thanks for your support!

Everyone else who chooses to visit Gymnastics IS Life may do as they please, but please post a comment on it to let me know you visited. Come on, guys, I don't blog for no apparent reason!

Please invite every gymnast you know to Gymnastics IS Life. This cannot be a gymnastic blog if no gymnasts will read it! Gymnastics IS Life is supposedly a community of gymnasts, so that you can read and comment freely about gymnastics experiences. Live life a little!

Only 32 characters to an awesome blog!

Take the 32 characters like Elayna and Maria did and learn all you need to know about the Olympics' most exciting sport--- Artistic gymnastics, rhytimic gymnastics, and trampoline!

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