Friday, May 28, 2010

OMG Time Of Year

It's the OMG time of year. Today I kind of went swimming. What I mean by "kind of" is that I was wearing a leo, so I took off my shorts and got in Becca's ginormous pool, on the third step. Okay, maybe you would call that wading and not swimming, but it was fun. Ty and Sarah were in the pool too! Afterwards, I had to rush to dry and had to warm up, (I always warm up before I go to gymnastics so I don't have to stretch much there) because I was so wet on my buttox that I looked like I peed myself! So I had to change into my dad's shorts that said "USAF" (United States Air Force) and OMG, (I warned you, it's the OMG time of year.) They were SOOOOOO baggy! But they must be baggy pants of luck, because:

I made my beam handstand today! I usually do anyway, but after I took a month and a week and a day off, it took forever to learn my handstand on beam, cartwheel on beam, and front vault all over again. But it's all okay now! BTW, I received some SHOCKING news:

I am going to advance level 4 for the Summer! The next step after advance is level 5, so that's good! However, what it takes is what I hate. In order to stay in that level, I must have my forward and backward walkovers. (very unlikely!) But I'm going to be positive!

Did you go swimming this week? Did you participate in any Summer sports this week? Waz up???

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