Thursday, May 27, 2010

Early Call

Jenilee Goodwin, a.k.a. Miss Jenilee or Mrs. Jenilee Goodwin, shares with the somewhat media of Christian Blogs her calling to the ministry, and only Angelic Angelica has her story. Hope Ezell reports.

Let's trace back to fifth grade. She had pretty much finished fifth grade when she decided she wanted to go to Kids Camp. But did she know she'd be called???

At camp that year, she was at the altar, just fifth grade, and she even remembers where she'd been located. "I was by the piano," she says. She knew she was called to the ministry then & there, and she knew she was called to be a pastor's wife.

Years later, "I was a sophomore," (tenth grade) she says when she took her A.C.T. (don't ask me what it stands for.) "I only sent mine to one college." However, she ended up having to send it to other schools, but still knew that the only college she truely would be accepted to and would actually attend was C.B.C. (Central Bible College to be exact. It is also known that Dominique Moceanu attended Christian school as well.)

Did you know that God can use you in ANY way? Read "Show Off!" on Gymnastics IS Life and see!

Just because the world says, "Bobina, you SO are not gonna be a pastor's wife!" that doesn't mean you won't be a pastor's wife. You may even be a pastor yourself! If you're called to it, it'll happen. You may never hear God talk as long as you live, but you have to believe He's there and that He'll never forsake or leave you.

[Miss] Jenilee had been connected with Pastor Jeremy (a.k.a. Pastor Jay) with scripture. Would you believe God used the SAME verse for both of them???

God shows us one step, and when we're obedient, He shows us another one and another one...

If [Miss] Jenilee had self-confidence, she probably would be some foreign person that I wouldn't know. Same for you, and this article would not have existed. But because [Miss] Jenilee had self-esteem, she is able to not only call herself a pastor's wife, but a tool in the ministry.

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  1. Hope this is too cute. I linked it on my blog last night, which I'm sure you saw already. You are an amazing girl and God has blessed you with many great things! Keep using it all for God!

  2. Oh this is so nice you gave Jenilee's testimony on your blog. What a blessing she is to your class, huh! Thank you for sharing with us!

    LOVE your cute blog! Very pretty! Enjoyed visiting and meeting you =)


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