Monday, May 24, 2010

DOG is GOD Backwards

Ever thought about that? If you look at my profile picture, you see my puppy, Lexi! (full name, Lexi Hope Ezell, but others in my fam. say Lexi Adora Ezell.) But on my Twitter profile, you see the sunset. The sunset has always reminded me of God's promises, but my dog reminds me of all the gifts God gives you. Dogs can help us understand God more in ways. Sort of like this:

-They are BOTH loyal to us
-They BOTH understand us
-We need to get closer to BOTH of them everyday
-There's always more to learn about and from BOTH of them
-When we need BOTH of them, they're BOTH there
-They are BOTH with us to our last breath.

Of course, God overlaps your dog, but ever thought about certain similarities? We can just pour out our dramatic stories to both of them. Whether we dreaded Kids Camp this year or we just got away with shoplifting from Claire's, you can tell it to your dog. I highly doubt that many dogs will understand, but God is always there.

God is HIGH above dogs, but just an example. Here's how to get closer to BOTH:

-Pray to Him whenever necessary, excluding breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime
-Read your Bible A LOT more often, excluding Missionettes or Royal Rangers.
-If you're in JBQ, you need to study! (get another seal while you're at it.)
-Tell others about this!
-Get a devotional
-Blog about Jesus!
-Write in a journal about every step of being a Christian.

-Play a good game of hide-'n-seek. (I'll show you how.)
-Teach your dog it's 1-2-3's. (I'll show you how.)
-Play tag. (I'll show you how.)
-Rub them DAILY.
-Talk to them DAILY, at least weekly.

Your 'Hows' and 'Ifs'.

How to Read Your Bible More Often
There's those books you just KNOW you wanna read. I LOVE anything with poetry, so in ONE night, I read the ENTIRE book of Song Of Solomon. It's a very cute love poem I recommend! It shows how great marriage can be if you're pure. Here's some easy-to-finish books:

-Song Of Solomon
-1, 2, 3, John
And if you are an intermediate Bible reader, try:
-1, 2, Samuel
If you've tried all that, try the big books:

Blog About Jesus
It's simple! To blog about Him, just do what I do, and make Him the main subject of your posts. It's easy, just write what you learn everyday from Him.

Use A Journal
Yes, guys have journals; too! Just simply write your prayers onto paper and write about your sorrow and your joy, like:

Today I had an awesome day! I praise God for that! I got merit for my praise dance!
Dear God,
(fill in the blank with whatever.)

Learn to play games and teach your dog on my new sidebars!

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