Sunday, May 9, 2010


This one's for the mommies! My mom is a doggie mom and a mom of three precious little girls; a sixteen-year-old (who's moving out in 2012! YES!), a thirteen-year-old, and an eleven-year-old. (that would be me.) She's also the mommy of Lexi Ezell, yellow lab/beagle, who is seven years old in dog years and is turning fourteen August 27. She's passed me up! She will be a teenager! I'm not the youngest right now, but when Lexi has her second birthday, she will be.

I wrote this for all the Moms out in the U.S., possibly throughout the globe...

My Goal: Know someone out of the U.S.? Invite them! My goal is to have at least one person from many countries on my blog. My main concerns are:

Dominican Republic
Romania (Nadia Comaneci!)

Know ANYONE from those places? PLEASE let them know about this blog! Tell them to post a comment! Tell them to follow! Once, I read a blog and this girl went to India to adopt a girl and she was blogging from there! Cool! I want this national blog to become an INTERnational blog. I can't make this an Olympic girl's blog without other countries!

Pastor Jay and Ms. Jenilee, when you go to (I'm gonna kill this with my spelling) Epphesis, give those kids my URL!!!! K? Understood?

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