Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rip Offs and Steals.

The big three letters. OMG.

Today, I found that all millitary people, both active duty and retired, get a FREE visit at Kings' Island! I thought it was a steal. But is it? Hope Angelica Ezell reports.

"When I heard that millitary people get a free visit, I was excited," Says Christina*. Christina was fooled like many other millitary families. "I thought that since my dad, Vladimir* was in the air force, our entire family would go, free."

When Christina heard the news about a free visit at Kings' I sland, her sister, whom she told, said: "Christina told me, 'Renee, come here! Millitary families are free for two days at Kings' Island,'" Renee* says. "I haven't been to Kings' Island since I was six, seven, or eight--- I was excited. I'm eleven, that was a long time ago."

You just might have been fooled like Christina and Renne's family was. "I found out, that my dad, Vladimir, was the ONLY person in our family to get a free visit. My hopes took the highway," Renee said disapointedly, "I never got to ride Diamondback. And I like diamonds!"

Renee's dad was [probably] jumping for joy. Although Renee, Christina, their sister Sam*, and their mom Jenny** could not go free, their father, and Jenny's husband could STILL get a free visit. "We can't go," Jenny sadly told her kids. "We would've had to skip church anyway, it's okay."

The girls and their parents had planned on bringing a friend, Kaila***, and Kaila's family. They were millitary too.

To prevent yourself from being "ripped off" try this:


"I knew something didn't look right!" Said Christina. We all have those 'Stupid Me!' moments, like when Renee was at a fair, she bought a cupcake, and the lady charged her for the entire pack of cupcakes, and when she was charged for a water at McDonalds' on the way to a state meet for her team. The Utah/Ohio half-native says: "Be careful little eyes what you see!"

*Name has been changed.
**Jenny's name has not been changed.
***same name, different spelling.

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