Monday, May 31, 2010

Learning New Things Day By Day

Yes I am learning new things, even though Summer is almost here! That's right, June srd is the day on my callendar, and the day I don't want to see. Another sad thing will happen.

First of all, yesterday somebody my family knew very well passed away. However, it was a very good day to die, because we will remember Memorial Day weekend as something different, more than just a weekend. I used to think of it as a free day off of school, but now I know it's not just that.

That was a discovery that is very sad because I knew this person for eleven long years. Sadder? Last time I saw them was 2008. Saddest? They lived all the way in Washington, so travel to the funeral? Please, we're already going on THREE vacations this Summer!

Secondly, I learned how to play the nearly TWO songs on my piano; first song is when Lucy enters Narnia, and it immediately goes into "The Battle". (aka Narnia Theme.)

So yeah, that's me. Happy---or sad, however you feel right now---Memorial Day!

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