Friday, May 7, 2010


Today was one of my last days going to Wendy's with my first Ohio friend, Valerie. I met her probably the very day I moved to Ohio, seven years ago, when I was four. Almost a decade--- can you believe it?!

I was on a walk while the boxes surrounded my house. A girl, whom I didn't know then, was sitting on the bumper of her van with her puppy, was eating M&Ms. So I walked up her driveway, went up to her, and asked for one. She gave me one. I dropped it. She gave me another one. I dropped that. Then another one, and I ate it. "Excuse my little sister," Charity said, "She's only in preschool; she doesn't know what she's talking about." I don't know what she or we said, but like, a week later we went to her house, and her dad answers the door, and is like, "Valerie, who are these people?"

HaHa. I know her dad VERY well now! Mr. Craig is in the millitary, and is now stationed in Colorado Springs. Maybe they'll see the Bowmans at Petterson AFB! After all, Valerie did meet them once. Valerie's puppy is now seven years old, and her name is Smokey. She's a black lab???? She looks like the Belanichs' dog. Vaerie will be spending her entire junior year of high school in Colorado. She went to Wayne, but June 5th, it's a new school.

This reminds me of countless Millitary friends that have moved on.

Miller, Rebecca. No, she's not Shannon Miller, but she was a really nice person who's enjoying Louisiana. Get me some Popeyes Chicken, Rebecca!

Bowman Family. They lived in Virginia. They lived in North Dakota. They lived in Dayton. They live in Colorado. Soon, they're headed to L.A. Exciting!

Does Alexis count? I don't know if she was millitary, but she was my next-door-neighbor for four years in Layton, who's now in Georgia. Although I moved before her, she's still awesome!

Fact About Me!
While I was stationed in Layton,30 minutes from Salt Lake, the 2002 Olympics, 19th Winter Olympiad was held there. My parents went to the stadium where the ceremonies were held, and to the torch before AND after it was lit. Did I see it? Possibly. Talk about an Olympic experience!


  1. Awww She's moving!?! That's crazy! I'm sorry... Is she coming to Colorado Springs? And yeah moving to L.A. is exciting, but sad at the same time. I get sad whenever I move. But then I get used to living in a new area. How long is she going to be in Colorado? You should just email me! :) Hope all is well with you.

  2. IDK how long she'll be there, but I don't think she's moving back:( She might come back for college, though. And yeah, I should email you! I think I will! And I never stick to this, but me and my family really needs to send you guys some letters!



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