Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Since i'm in my triple digits...

I'm going to write about me and how i'm doing--- right now!

I love: Danishes, God, cake, friends, family, pie, cheer, gymnastics, diving (although i've never dived in a pool before!), candy

I hate: Sin

My favorite movies: National Treasure 1&2, My Sister's Keeper, The Time Traveler's Wife

That's so cute: Little infants and kitties and puppies

I believe in: Christianity and purity

That's so fun: Hanging out at friend's houses and going to church

I remember: Las Vegas, Utah, and my first week in Ohio

I wish: I was even a better gymnast than Nastia (Anastasia) Luikin and Shawn Johnson!

My favorite bands: Superchick, Addison Road, Taylor Swift, Tenth Avenue North, Casting Crowns, Hillsong United

What else I love: You Guys!

A special word: Thank you to all the veterans: Like my daddy!

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  1. Hope i love candy too and i like taylor swift and i like tenth avenue north!


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