Monday, November 16, 2009

The Interstate Chapter 3

I woke up to see only a dream. I knew i'd probably wake up in a couple minutes. It was cloudy, not as in the weather, but I was standing on thin air, on a cloud. I could barely see myself, I looked dreamy too. This isn't me, I thought, It can't be. I don't look this pretty. I can barely describe myself. And it was true. No mirrors, nothing. Nothing i'd expect.

I saw pure gold. Gates that reached the sky. Curiously, I opened them. I couldn't believe what I saw. Pure gold. Streets so shiny and pure, I could see my reflection.

I looked beautiful, unlike what I thought on earth. Pink highlights? Gone. Bangs? Gone. I felt my eyes. No contacts either. No acne. I could barely recognize myself, and I wondered, Is there a me? Am I in a different body? I don't know of a day I looked this pretty. White robe? Where am I, the bathroom? I didn't know where I was.

Then finally, I saw him face to face. And do you know who 'him' is? The only him I had known longer than my younger brother by a year--- GOD! And Jesus! I had so many questions, but God already knew what I was about to ask. "Am I dead?" I asked him. I was worried about my family and friends. "You are not dead," he said, "It is just the beginning." I sighed. I knew right then that I was dead. But I suddenly became happy. I had never been so happy to be dead before. I knew I was in the best place ever--- HEAVEN! Eternal life. I was about to cry, I was so happy, but the tears wouldn't fall. I wouldn't see one tear anymore.

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