Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my 100th post!

Hello everyone! This is my 100th post celebration! I remember the day I was on www.betheljamadventures.blogspot.com and thought, 'Hey, this looks so cool! I'm going to make my own blog!' I knew that my blog wouldn't be popular at first and people would hate it and all, so I didn't make a blog.

I started sending out emails to all the friends I could name, even people that weren't my friends. They were emails I'd use to send what I now call Weekly Questions. People started replying to me, and saying that I should make an actual blog full of these questions. So I made my very first.

The first blog was not successful. I was following myself, and couldn't make more than one post. I got rid of that one, which is still on the internet, but is not used.

The second one was where the 'magic' happened. I was able to post a whole bunch of posts, like the hundred I have today! I have ten followers at least and have written stories. I plan on writing another book for the Dayton Metro Library Teen Contest next year, The Interstate.

I began to find an interest in being an author, and boy is it fun! I can't wait to publish my books!

Enjoy my hundreth celebration!


  1. hey thats so cool hope !!!! when did you start bloging?


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