Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Interstate Chapter 2

I woke up to hear Chloe scream as I woke up from a deep sleep. She looked frightened. The car was spinning out of control on black ice. It was freezing outside. Finally, Chloe bumped into a car at 50 miles per hour, and the car flipped on its side. Jeremy was sitting in the front seat with her, and flew through the windsheild. He wasn't wearing a seat belt. McKenna was just the opposite. Her seat belt was twisted at the neck and she could barely breathe, strangeling herself. Chloe was unconscious. I gently undid McKenna's seatbelt and reached for the phone and dialed 911.

"911 emergency" said the calm lady on the phone. "I'm in a fatal car accident and I need the EMS here right now!" I said, panicking. "My friend flew through the windsheild, my other friend is unconscious, and the other is unconscious, too." There was a pause. "Help is on the way." She said.

In minutes, the EMS found where we were, and we were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. There was nothing wrong with me, but Jeremy was bleeding all over. His breath was getting shorter now, and I was getting scared. McKenna was worse. She wasn't breathing at all anymore. They had tried everything. McKenna was gone. Poor little girl, only fourteen. She was my first and only girlfriend. I was fifteen.

Jeremy was slightly still alive, but he was running out of life and breath. I couldn't talk to him; I didn't think he'd respond. Jeremy was an awesome friend, drum player, and classmate. To be right there in his final moments would be depressing. He was only fifteen, like me.

Chloe was breathing perfectly, I was just waiting for her to wake up.

Just then Jeremy breathed his last and died. There was nothing we could do. Both McKenna and Jeremy died. Death can't control itself. It just happens.

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