Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Interstate Prologue

This new blog book of mine, The Interstate, is about a devastating car crash on route 71. No, this story is not true, but it does have some reality to it, doesn't it?

Over 5,000 teenagers will die in a car accident this year. You may think getting your liscense is all hunky-dory, but is it? It is, if you take it seriously, and I mean VERY seriously. If you are willing to text while driving, you don't know what you're doing. If you're willing to talk on the phone while driving, you're not the brightest crayon in the box. If you're willing to listen to music and do your makeup, YOU'RE NUTS! Are you ready for your liscense? If you are thinking of doing that, you're not.

This is a story about four teens, Chloe, McKenna, Johnathan and Jeremy. They are all hanging out on their way back from a state band competition. It is late, midnight. They are very good students, and don't do anything bad. But one phone call is all it takes.

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