Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Books for 2010!

Hey guys! Do you like my books? Do you KNOW you'll like THE INTERSTATE? Well then, here's some really good news for you...

Once Upon A Christmas Eve.
This book will be about a girl living on the streets. She is an orphan, or so she thinks. She never knew her parents or the name she was given. She was just abandoned on Addison Road, a street in Cleveland. (Yeah, it really is a street.) She is thirteen years old, without a name, without a friend, without a school to attend. She is very alone, having to hunt for every penny. If she's lucky enough, she could find a hamburger in the trash of McDonald's and in addition, maybe find ten dollars on the ground to maybe find a scarf or sweater, or buy a hot meal. But on a Christmas, she finds what really matters.

The Diary Of A Bored Kid.
Yes, the name may seem pretty boring. Jimmy Johnson is the typical eleven-year-old, in fact, even more fortunate. He has everything many adults even don't have: He's a five-time regional spelling bee champion and two-time national spelling bee champion. His dad is on the news everyday at six o' clock and his mom owns the best restaurant in town, and also a bakery that has won three culinary arts awards. He's gone to the world championships for baseball. Face it, he's got everything. But he soon finds out what he's missing.

The Story Of A Mad Bridesmaid.
Emily Lewis has always wanted to get married, but here's the problem: She's been the maid of honor in every wedding she's been invited to. Sure, that's marvelous, but Emily doesn't think so. She's been getting teased her entire life. Preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, college. The reason? She's always been a little bit overweight. A little bit thicker than the anorexic-looking queen bees. No matter what school she transfered to, or what school she switched to because she was in a higher grade, those same kids would haunt her. It's affected more than her mind though--- it affected her chances at marriage. When will she get the chance?
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