Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Interstate Chapter 5

I woke up from the unconsciousness that embraced me. I was in a hospital room. I felt very dehydrated and tired. Where was McKenna? Where was Jeremy? I was worried and didn't know what happened.

I last remember being in the car and spinning out of control. Everything else is black. Right now I was in a semi-empty room. If you include me. Everything seemed so blurry. My memory was really bad. I must've hit my head on the window or the air bag knocked me out. My nose felt like there was a weight on it. I felt it. Ouch. Weird, there's a bump. I thought. My nose was broken.

One hour, two hours, three. I was super bored. Finally, Johnathan walked in. "Hey, Chloe." He said. I frowned. "Hey."
"Soooo... 'sup?"
"Nothing but boredom."
"I see."
Johnathan and I talked for about thirty minutes, then I asked, "Where is Jeremy and McKenna?" He sighed. "Uhhhhh... well Jeremy and McKenna... they kinda..."
"Kinda what?" I asked. "Kinda what?"
"Chloe, they both died." I suddenly began to silently cry. "Both?" I asked. "Both."
I wiped a tear. "They can't both be dead, they just can't be." Johnathan sighed again. "Yeah, that's what I thought too. Sorry, Chloe, but it's the truth." He left the room.

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