Friday, November 20, 2009

The Interstate Chapter 8

I didn't see many people I knew. They were just strangers and my mind went blank. I didn't remember anyone if I had seen them. Then, my arm suddenly caught on fire. I shook my arm and blew on it. It got worse. The fire had spread to the rest of my body. I began to scream, but no one else seemed to notice, caught up in their own despair.

There was no water. No fire extinguishers. All blackness and fire. I could barely breathe, because of the heat and smoke. I couldn't speak, because with all the flames and screaming and crying and 'NOOOOOOOOO's, no one would hear me. I felt so alone and scared.

It had seemed like months in this dreaded place, yet it had only been minutes. I hated it here, like I could help it. This left me wishing that I had listened to Johnathan. But there's no turning back now.

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