Sunday, March 1, 2009

where's MY fairytale?

hey guys and girls!
finish this story:

"get out of my room!" i had to yell again. siblings, siblings, siblings. when could they mind their own business? i had to babysit them for 18 more hours. yeah, i was counting. counting 1,080 more minutes for mom and dad to get home from that thing at a hotel. and they were just leaving me for death, with two bratty six-year-olds. when would they get me out of prison? and i'm just waiting to go to the stream. i was doing my makeup, hair, and finding an outfit that was dressy, but i could walk in water with. i was doing this because Todd was gonna pick me and my friend Chelsea up. i was scared to be around his friends because, i mean, what would they think of me? i've practically liked this guy forever, and i feel he likes me too. me or Chelsea.

by now it was the next day, and i was taking my sibs to day care in a wagon. Todd forgot to pick me up, i thought. i was SOOOO mad. but then he came up to me as i passed his house and said he was "sooooooo sorry" and he couldn't come over last night. "you're such a jerk." i said, then walked away. i could tell he was clearly hurt. but when i got home, a letter was sticking on my door, and a small package on the ground. the letter said, "i'm sorry, Hallie for everything. my cousin came over last night, and we were so focused on video games, i didn't have time to think about you. i'll make it up to you, and tonight, if you forgive me, i'll show you the stream---alone. i won't bring along Chelsea, i promise." i open the package and... it's that really exspensive perfume i wanted for my birthday. then i figure out what's going on here. he likes me. i'm going on a date. he's trying to make it sound casual so i won't figure out. but he's not too good at it. so
i get on my AIM account and say:

prettygurl: i got ur letter.


prettygurl: i forgive you.

iluvchickens: yay!

iluvchickens: happy bday!

prettygurl: wanna go out, or is this a one time thing cuz ya feel bad?

and you don't believe his answer....

finish! what was his answer?

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