Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mpact sleepover

yesterday my church held a sleepover for missionettes and it was a blast! the past few sleepovers i have to admit were not very fun... but miss Sonja made it a different point of view! sure, it's still a lock in, LOL, and we still can't get on the main level. and when we played underground church, SOOOOO many people got hurt, including me. my sister... she thinks she might have broke her nose! my story? well i was running in the friends room because a police was on their way. i bumped into the door so hard, all of my toes got hurt on my left foot, and my left ankle couldn't even BEND anymore. it was SOOOOOOOOOO wild that night, that people were running into shelves, bumping heads, running into doorways, (okay, so only i bumped into a doorway) falling on the stairs, little kids getting scared, then changing their mind over, and over, to when they just needed to call off the game. i NEVER found the Bible though... my foot hurt too much. waaaaaay too much. i had to limp to my bed. oh when we first got there and we were just chilling out, i did a kick from cheerleading, and i slipped and fell RIGHT on my arm. i wanted to cry, but no use. what did you do this weekend?

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