Saturday, March 28, 2009

JBQ state meet!

Please take note that if you've never been in JBQ you won't know anything i'm talking about. (maybe) I know i'm supposedly on a blog break, but i couldn't wait until April!

Yesterday, Bethel Christian was UNDEFEATED! That is, until the last round. The waterpark was the awesomest hotel waterpark EVER. Today, it didn't go too well, we only beat 1 team. BUT we made it to the masters division! I didn't get to answer questions, but our team still did GREAT. I had an interview from some JBQers, talking about what they use, how they've felt, their favorite things, etc. also our oldest quizzers are too old for JBQ now, and those quizzers were Sarah, Drew, Elijah, Robbie, and I think that's it. Well at least i'm still here! They would die if I wasn't there... JK! Anywho, it was really fun.

Hope: Are you excited for the next meet?
Cameron: NO!!!!!!!!!!

Hope: Are you glad your years of quizzing are over?
Sarah: Somewhat.

Hope: What is it like to have a fohawk?
Elijah: I don't have one.

Hope: What shampoo do you use? Pantene or Sunsilk?
Drew: Neither.

Hope: What is your fav color?
Robbie: Pink! Duh! (I added the duh! part)

Hope: What is it like to quiz out forwards?
Natalie: It makes you feel good to quiz out.

Hope: What is it like to be in junior high?
Chris: It's school.

Thank you for answering those questions, JBQers! (And former ones, that would be Chris) And Robbie, I know you never said pink, but because you didn't reply to the question, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! :P

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  1. Hope!!!! Hey it's Gabrielle! I love your blog! It's really cute. =) It sounds like you had lots of fun! Anyways, call me! =) lol..
    love you!


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