Saturday, March 7, 2009

one step closer

nervous, nervous, NERVOUS!!! and you wonder why, don't you? two things. STATE and GYMNASTICS. state for JBQ is such a big deal because you could possibly (just possibly) go to regionals. then, you could possibly, (again, just possibly) go to nationals. sounds like fun, because the hotel we stay at has a WATERPARK in it! i feel like i'm there already! i think i'll do good because the more people answer questions, the more they interrupt, the more they get things wrong, the more they get stressed, which gives me a chance to answer. second of all, GYMNASTICS! gymnastics, gymnastics, gymnastics. it's all i can think of right now, because i am the most nervous of every girl. back walkover. i can't do a back walkover. if i can't do it during the routine, DEDUCTION! i'm so very nervous, the coach might add a back handspring to my routine! i'm good at that, i just can't bend my back very well during one. in my back walkover, i have the back bend, it's the kicking i can't do. and all those people.... I'M SO SCARED.
last time, i supposedly got first place, but this is a different story. in two months, anything could happen. since some of you may have actually seen me do gymnastics, tell me how good you think i am. good or bad? and don't feel like it's rude to say bad. if anything, that makes me even madder!


  1. HEY!! I'm someday96 from!
    You told me to come and post something and so I decided to!! OMG!! You'll do fine!! I used to take gymnastics too and I always got scared about doing that stuff, but just relax!! I'm on TV and when we are recording for that I get really gittery because millions of people watch that!! Think about that! At least you don't have that many people watching you!! Just pray to God and let him help you through this!!

  2. your on TV??? cool! i was on TV once, and it was fun. i'm begging my parents for an agent, since i'm SUCH a drama queen. even my pastor thinks so! i think i should do more acting, it's so fun. Q: are you on commercials, a show, or the big screen? you aren't lying, are you? you could be anybody, i just wonder who you are, or if i've seen you before. i won't ask, though.


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