Tuesday, March 3, 2009

thanks Megan!

hey guys and girls,
today i received MY FIRST COMMENT!!! ahhhhhhh! i just want to say so much things... i don't know where to start! i'm just gonna say thanks to Megan. you might be thinking: "what's the big deal of getting a comment?" ...or whatever you're thinking. but anyway, whatever you are thinking, i am happy because no one ever posts a comment on my blog, and this will be the first time i got a comment on any of my blogs--- unless you count myself. so guys (and girls) please post more! and remember, if you have anything troubling you, search "ask me" into the search box above. just because i'm ten, doesn't mean i can't answer a question from a twelve year old!


p.s. _x_ means nickname. you can give yourself a nickname too!

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