Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 3

you guys have been waiting for a new post. sorry for the loooooooooong break compared to how much i blog on a regular basis. remember to look up "ask me" into the search bar above if you need advice! and remember to answer the "weekly question!" i mean, isn't that why it's called YOUR blog???

Peachy plopped herself on the bed. she was exhausted. after she did her homework that day, she searched through the royal file room. it kept birth dates, secret children, and many things that should never be opened. Peachy searched through the file that controlled all the children in the kingdom. finally, after hours of searching, she found her birth certificate under the name Peachy Ella Davis and Ashley Ella Davis. AND?! Peachy wondered. she searched both certificates. she wasn't an only child after all... SHE WAS A TWIN! only she claimed her name was Melissa, and not Ashley. Peachy was starting to lead herself to a mystery... but the question was, why would she want to steal a crown, knowing she is still royal, and why would queen Lydia give up one for adoption? as Peachy wondered around trying to find the answers, she bumped into Johnny, her crush since she was a baby. they talked and talked, but little did Peachy know that he was trying to get her mind off the mystery, and it was working.

By now, Peachy was nineteen years old, and knew little about her family. she was still trying to solve the mystery. in fact, she was starting to actually give up until she found something. she was bored in her room just looking at all her pretty dresses. then she saw a door at the very back that she never noticed. she was scared, but she asked herself, "why not?" and went in. it was full of things from past princesses, including her mom. there was a note on the floor that said:

this is your special year. i wanted you to find this, because this is where all the princesses put their stuff the year they were nineteen, like you. i even put my diary in here, my favorite dress, and my royal cape. every princess shall seek this room, by the magic of the kingdom, and repeat the routine. also, i thought you really needed to know this. you once had a sister, Ashley. she was put up for adoption though, because then, there was a rule that said, one princess, one queen. i dearly miss her, and wish this rule could be turned around. but because my power over the kingdom is slowly fading, i'd much rather not. so please, before my days are over, will you promise me that you will control this nonsense? and one more thing. do not tell anyone about this room. if they need to find it, they will, by the magic of the kingdom. no one controls it, no one expects it. it just happens. please use your time wisely,

Peachy does not yet know anything about what's ahead. can she stop the cruel rule? will Johnny propose to her?

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