Friday, March 13, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 1

once upon a time, lived a princess named Lydia. she was born in the year 1963 and graduated the university of Maryland in 1987. she married in 1984 to her beloved prince, prince Danny. then they moved back to their home kingdom Drama Land, and was announced king and queen. two years later, their new daughter was named Peachy, and seven months later, she said her first words, "Peachy, Peachy! my name is Peachy!" they were so proud of her that they threw a ball and all of the kingdom of Drama was invited, even peasants and paupers. then, she spotted her beloved prince, that was to marry her by law. "Johnny!" she said. ring, ring! the bells rang. "Princess Peachy spoke another word!" Johnny Depp was her all time crush, even though she was JUST a baby. together, they went to the kingdom's baby theater for the royal babies only, and watched yo gabba gabba and the Doodlebops for hours. then, Peachy invited her friend, Lord Lucy's daughter, to come over. they had pillow fights, and played: rattle or no rattle. then, their parents let them stay up until 8:00! both of them were very suprised, because their bedtime was 7:00! sixteen years later, Peachy was crowned Drama Princess, any girl in the kingdom's dream. her mom was the drama queen of the small village, her dad the drama king. but one day, an evil hippie came in the room and started throwing groovy shirts and she passed out, it was so groovy. when she woke up, she noticed her crown was off! she screamed for help, then her mom came in. "what's the matter, hon?" she asked startled. "someone, or something stole my crown!" she said. "oh maybe you just lost it, Peachy" her mother said. "these walls have three layers of fat guards." and with that, Queen Lydia left. how could she not believe me? Peachy thought. did she even look at my crownless head? Peachy was furious. and with that, she headed to town. and then, SHE FOUND THE HIPPIE! she grabbed the tiara off of her head, and ran as fast as she could. but the hippie was following her, and was not going to stop until she had that crown! "guards!" the hippie yelled. "she has my crown!" then the guards trampled her. "it's me! Peachy! she's an imposter!" Peachy said. "no. YOU'RE the imposter." the girl yelled. "arrest her!"


  1. hey guys! you know, the story at the beginning about Peachy's parents was true! the dates and everything and the college Peachy's mom graduated from actually really happened, with my parents! my parents aren't damatic though, and i'm Peachy, the Drama Princess! the evil hippie is Maria in disguise! LoL!

  2. Lol so funny!! Hey you should toatally, like idk FINISH THE STORY!!!!! Please I hate it when people don't finish the storys they put on there blogs!! Almost every blog I read...always leaves there story unfinished!!
    Anywho I love it ( the story I mean ) It's really good!!!

  3. Hay Hope awsome story!!!!!


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