Monday, March 30, 2009


The title to this post is really random, but, I wanted you guys to find out who I am.

1. I have brown, short hair and it is a bob.
2. I am in a band called the "HAMB"
3. I am a former cheerleader and have been one for two basketball seasons.
4. I am a gymnast at my local YMCA
5. I used to take volleyball at the my local YMCA and used to play soccer, but I hate soccer. (now)
6. I always wanted to be a super-model/soap opera star, or Broadway actress, (NOT singer)
7. I attend the absolute best church ever.
8. I'm homeschooled, and never achieved a grade less than a C
9. I am the youngest girl in my grade.
10. This summer, I'm going to become an Honor Star!

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