Sunday, March 22, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 4

Peachy was walking down the lanes of Drama town. she felt lonely and thought nobody liked her. she wanted to give up and walk away from this dramatic town, leave this dramatic school, and live her own life in the real world. that is, before her boyfriend came up to her. "we need to talk." he said. Peachy was scared. she knew all along that they were going to break up. "Peachy, i always wondered if you really liked me." he said. Peachy was confused. "i always liked you and you know that." she said. "you're charming, you're nice, and you always cheer me up." "i do?" he asked. "and always will." Peachy said. he didn't know how much she meant it.

on the bridge downtown, Cory was giving Ashley the same talk. "i really need to talk to you and--- nothing." Cory said. "WHAT?!" Ashley asked. she was a very smart girl, and was the smartest girl in math class at Drama Towne University. but when it came to other things, you had to explain things quite carefully to her. "oh, nevermind. but, i need to ask you an important question that will change your life forever." "well, go ahead and ask me." Ashley said. he got down on his knee. Ashley gasped before she knew what he was going to say. and then he pulled out a ring and said "please marry me, Ashley." Ashley began to cry as tears of joy filled her eyes. "of course i will!" she shouted and threw her arms in a hug.

back by the Royal Drama Tower, Peachy was still waiting. "Peachy, i'm just gonna say it." Johnny said. he got down on his knee. Peachy found this entertaining, like having the female lead in a play. but little did she know that she had the female lead in her own play, her life. "Peachy Ella Davis. will you marry me?" Peachy thought for a while. this decision would change her life, no matter what happened. "yes." she said crackly before crying with joy. she had to call her friends.

so by the end of the day, Peachy had found the end of the beginning of her first day, living in adult issues. Peachy and Ashley met up when it was time to go to bed. "great news!" they both said at the same time. "i'm getting married!" they shouted. "that's great, Ashley! am i going to be in it?" Peachy asked. "i hope so." Ashley said. "congrats, who is it?" she asked. "Johnny Depp." she said. "oh congrats, Peachy Depp! you guys will make a great couple!"

as they were planning the wedding, an idea struck Peachy's mind suddenly. what if it was a double wedding?

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