Monday, March 23, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 5

As all the planning and stress was over with, Peachy had felt like she had actually made it. Both girls were excited, because the wedding was one week away. Both wedding gowns were GORGEUS and there was not one nineteen year old girl in the kingdom who didn't want to be them. Planning was going almost perfect--- that is, if you exclude Ashley and Cory. They kept on getting into fights, and never planned anything on time. Cory didn't even find a tuxedo yet, to make it worse, he wasn't even looking for one. Of couse that made Ashley mad, and a page of her journal revealed a secret she was keeping from him. it said,

I don't even want to marry this guy anymore. Whenever he slows me down, we slow Peachy and Johnathan down too. I can clearly tell they are starting to get annoyed by this. If we just called the wedding off, we would save loads of money and time. we already have like, 30 people in the wedding, and that's just bridesmaids. Maybe this day should just be for Peachy and Johnathan. They would last longer than us. They are 100% ready, and us? Still planning our half of the best men. But since my parents (actually, adoption parents) really like him, maybe i will marry him. Why would I want to make my own family---birth and adoption--- mad???
I can't do this anymore,

This drama continued with Ashley and Cory, and both of them started to have doubts. Maybe they weren't ready to get married--- to anyone. And this WAS a young age, they were still in college! Maybe things would get fixed up since everything was such a mess...

Peachy was super excited on the other hand. Sure, she had sympathy for her twin sister, but little of it. She still had a lot of shopping to do. Today was rehearsal, which Peachy decorated and highlighted on her calendar. Peachy figured many things out while planning a wedding. She found out why Ashley acted like a Hippie Bandit. She wanted to be recognized as a princess too. After today's rehearsal, that dream would come true. Reporters were all over the place when they rehearsed, and sent the news out all over Drama Queen Magazine and the news paper.

"Peachy, oh my gosh, i'm so scared!" Ashley said. "After today, i'm gonna be going home with a husband. Maybe I should drop out of the wedding." "YOU CAN'T! you're crazy, you know that? If you want to drop out, don't do it at the altar, tell him now" Peachy reassured her. Or at least TRIED to reassure her. Ashley wasn't known for listening that much either. Today was the REAL wedding, and she had to make up her mind.

As Peachy was headed to the stage, she looked back at her little sister, then looked at her dad, King Danny. She was scared, but didn't think she had to say no.

As Ashley walked up, she was sweating her pores out. She was embarrassed, because she didn't want to smell at her own wedding. Then, a flood of second thoughts filled her mind. They couldn't be together. Not THIS nervous.

Peachy and Johnny hapily married. But when it was Ashley and Cory's turn, Ashley looked like she always did when she would break up with someone, or in this case, call off a wedding. Finally, the preacher turned to Cory and asked him if he would take Ashley as his wife. "I do" he said. Then he turned to Ashley. "Will you take this gentleman as your husband?" he asked. Ashley paused. right before she said the two most important words of her life, she stopped herself. Her mouth was open, but no words came out. Finally, she got up the nerve to say, "no." The crowd awed at the cute, but wasted, couple. Cory looked heart-broken. That was it, the wedding was off.

But now, three years later, Ashley and Cory are engaged again. They are going to try this one more time. Queen Peachy had a daughter, named Alyssa. her and King Johnathan have outlawed the "one princess" rule together.

Now today, King Depp and Peachy Depp rule, and you can read even more about them in April, in: Alyssa's only wish.

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