Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fashionable Bibles

some of you may dislike reading your Bible, but you really want to know more about God. or you're not a Christian, and you don't want a Bible, but your friends say you should totally get one. so here is a list of Bibles for the reading haters and the non-christians.

1. Young women of faith bible: Journal included
2. Faithgirlz! bible: letters to God, friend stuff, quizzes, stuff so you can get it included
3. The holy bible NIV by zondervan, backpack style, the orange one: fashionable leather cover
4. Compact bible: pink and flowery and green-blue hologram

this top four list has everything you need. from Journals, to Fashion. why am i doing this? so you don't have to stand in the bookstore staring at all the bibles, saying, "um, uh..." and instead, you'll find the funnest Bibles! they'll have features, and everything. once you get one of the four bibles listed above, you WON'T take it back! and you'll use it up until it's rusty. you will love it so much, when you're older, you might find the old, torn up bible and say, "i remember when i got this!" my mom has dozens of those, even a dictionary from college! so buy it and have fun, but most importantly, know why you're REALLY reading the Bible. and never forget.

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