Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 2

The silver on the hand cuffs scratched Peachy's hands as they pulled her. then, the smell of un-showered monkeys filled the room. Peachy was shown her cell, and was forced in. she sat down.
up in the royal tower, Peachy's family was worried. Queen Lydia grabbed her child detector, and headed to the prison. when she found Peachy, her beautiful shade of happiness wasn't showing. "what brings you here at this hour, your highness?" the jailer asked. "my daughter." she said. "can you tell me WHY she is locked up in a prison cell instead of at the royal dinner? it's 12:00 midnight, and it's past her curfew. she has school tomorrow!" "well i'm sorry, i was told she was an imposter by someone who looked exactly like her. and how do you know THIS is the one who really, truely, is your daughter?" "i--- i don't know." the queen said. "but i do know that i'm going to bail her out, because i believe this is her. and where is her tiara?" she asked suspiciously. "stolen." Peachy said under her breath. "WHAT?!" Lydia asked. "you know good and well that the key to being a good drama queen someday is a perfect act, right? well that includes keeping up with your crown! you can't just let a complete stanger take it off, run away, and act like it's not a big deal!" "it's NOT a big deal!" Peachy protested. "it IS a big deal, Peachy. when you become queen, people WILL remember this. you don't want to be known as the irresponsible princess your aunt was, do you?" "maybe i don't want to be one at all! i don't want to be a princess, i don't want to be queen of the school drama commity, i don't even want to be queen! i just wanna be who i want to be. forget getting my nails touched up, getting my makeup done, wearing the itchiest dresses in the history of dresses, keeping my grammar grades up. just one day." Peachy said. "fine. one day. Jacob, don't let anyone bail her out for a week." "your wish is my command." Jacob said. "but mom---" Peachy started. "you asked for a day, a day is what you'll get. in fact, you'll get seven of them." Peachy felt like a nobody already. exactly who she wanted to be since she was a little girl. but when she pictured jail, she pictured being on the other side, bailing other people out. then she figured out a better way. she should've taken baby steps to that. she couldn't handle it all now. she barely knew how to do long division.
the next day, her mother entered the room. she bailed her out six days early. she was given back her tiara and led out of jail. she was very dirty when she arrived at school. she heard giggles as she entered the room. she heard girls talking about her muddy face, scuffed up shoes, and ripped, dirty dress. "look at who was dragging their feet!" said Amber, the king's secretary's daughter. "guess you aren't feeling so peachy now!" she let out a laugh at the bottom of Peachy's dress, and her shoes. "that's enough Amber. now sit back down everyone." after everyone sat down, Ms. Hawkins said, "Peachy, what makes you so late? i heard that you were in the dunjon to be killed and tossed out for the birds to peck." "oh, no." Peachy said. "just jail. this creepy imposter that looked just like me tried to get me arrested. what a freak." "okay, well now let's work on... posture. everybody grab a book and walk back and forth with the book on your head." then, some new girl walked in. "sorry i'm late for lessons, i'm new. hi, my name is Melissa!" the girl said. "okay, get a book and walk back and forth with it on your head." Ms. Hawkins said. "since when was SHE royal?" Deirdre asked. "i. don't. know." Peachy said. "whatever that is, it looks just like you." Amber said. "remember the rule?" Deirdre asked. "Mrs. Hawkins once said it is impolite to call someone 'it'." Deirdre lied. "no she didn't. it's not in the book either. and it's MISS Hawkins." Amber said. "whatever. like I would care."

that day, after school, she walked home with Deirdre and Amber. "are you guys somehow related?" Amber asked. "i don't think so," Peachy said. "ask your mom if you have a twin. maybe that's why she's participating in a ROYAL GIRLS ONLY school. you'll never know..." her voice drifte off.

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