Sunday, March 15, 2009

Potlucks are fun, aren't they?

i just got my bangs highlighted this pinkish-red color. it looks so cool an i'm actually going to a potluck like this! it totally gives off that "rebel" part in me, and some of you are actually going to see it! i would post a pic, but no camera. my dad's maybe, or my sister's, but not my own, and i don't feel like borrowing one. but the next time i highlight it, i might have a camera, so i might post it afterwards. i got the idea when i was reading a hair magazine and Ashanti was wearing it, so i sort of copied it, with my own color and own flare. you guys know how much i love fashion, so this looks really rocky. the potluck is for my church, and i think it'll be fun. but one time, our table was picked last to eat, and i was sitting with my friends, and of course, at the time, one of them was 3, so she was crying. to make it worse, she was one of those kids that are ALWAYS hungry. last time we were first! hope we are again! g2g, hope

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