Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Question!

Hey bloggers,
this addicting blog (or soon to be addictive) anywho, this blog needs to be spread to your friends. Maybe it'll become popular! Here is today's question:

Slinkys weather fashion contacted YOU to send in a design and maybe, you just might be the topic for episode 5 season 2 of it's a trick, i'm the treat! EVERYBODY watches that web show, and someday wants to meet her! But then you figure out that your best friend, doesn't want to join the contest. you KNOW it'll embarrass him, but you think that if he sends in a design too, you guys could help each other with your designs and maybe one of you will be talked about on the show. But that's when you get an email that YOU won, and they are NOT talking about you... you're actually ON the show! You want to bring the camera to take pictures of the set. But when you spread the news to your friend, he threatens to gossip about you on his new blog that he's going to name: I HATE MY CRAZY FRIEND. How were you supposed to know? Like YOU knew he liked that show. So now you are just on the edge of dropping out. so what if you are seen all over the world? So what if your design is all over Ohio? would you do it?


  1. BTW Slinkys is my weather adjustable company of tee shirts, weather adjustable jeans, and toeless socks. all i need is a donation of jeans and leggings from you!

  2. ps the tee shirts adjust to the weather, and the toeless socks give gymnasts like me enough friction to wear socks on the floor, while keeping them warm. unlike other socks, when you could NEVER stick the landing.


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