Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homeschool Convention!

The title says it all.

I'm going with Kayla and Maria (also, my mom and their moms) to the Homeschool Convention! I've never been so happy to go somewhere with my mom ever. Change the word "happy" to "Excited. ECSTATIC!"

So, I'm posting today to announce that while I'm out hanging out with the Duggars, (If I get that close) RandomNess Friday will be cancelled. So no, I won't be blogging again until Monday.

In return of my absence, I will try and only try to get an interview with one of the Duggars. I don't have their names memorized, like, at all, so I'll just guess.

"Ummm... you're Joanna. Wait no.... is there a Jessica?"

I can totally picture the ^^^^ABOVE^^^^ happening to me!

I am very sorry that my goal to make this blog professional is failing. I am behind in the book I'm reviewing, but on the brightest side, I got accepted to another company, and I haven't applied to Zondervan--- just yet. I feel it is very important to be noticed by them, because believe it or not, soon I will be one of the authors you track.

I'm going the publish The Perfect Race Trilogy first, because I feel that it is very important for me to get mainstream attention. This saga, I am very ashamed to admit, has nothing about God or the Bible in it whatsoever. Amanda (my main character's name) is supposedly a Christian. (Supposedly??? I don't know my own imaginary people? I need help...) There are also a few Biblical verses in the trilogy, so that it will be evident that at least the author is a Christian.

So who will publish that book? I don't know... Scholastic? If they'll even take a kid author seriously???

Anyone wanna know my pet peeve?

Well, I really hate that kids are never taken seriously. If a kid writes something, people think it will be cheesy. If a kid is going to sing, people think they will sound like Rebecca Black. (okay... let's take it up to a better level... Justin Bieber.) If a kid is going to speak, they think they will say "uhhh..." more than all the words in their vocabulary.

I'm tired of being treated that way.

I want to prove that anyone can do anything. I want to take Justin Bieber's quote "Never say never" (or the song) to a completely different, higher level. I don't want to never say never, I want to prove the rewards of it.

I want to be the most popular underage person in all of this continent.

I don't want to be apart of the crowd. I want to be set apart from the crowd.

In the process of it all, I will still show who Jesus is in all I do. After publishing those three mainstream books, I'm hoping to publish with Zondervan my fourth book, "Unspoken". (Remember that word? Well, "Unspoken" is a song by Jaci Velasquez, and it's also the name of one of Pastor Brian's plays.) This book will not have much attention from the atheists and all, and that's okay. I don't want to be just a mainstream author. I don't want to be just a Christian author.

You see, I'm starting out normal so that once I get attention from everyone, they will eventually like my style and try to keep reading my books. Then, once I transition into Christian writings, they will (most of them) follow my footsteps and be introduced to Christian literature, eventually liking it, and hopefully, becoming a Christian.

Just because I'm a kid does not make this impossible.

With my gift of the arts, it's much more than possible.

"There's just no turning back when your heart's under attack. Gonna give everything I have, it's my destiny."



  1. Was it in ohio????? if it was i was going to go to that!!! but i had to do a play so i missed it :(

  2. Yep, I went to the one in Ohio. Very convenient for me because I live near Cincinnati. I got to stand less than ten feet from Michelle Duggar!


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