Thursday, March 17, 2011

"On This Perfect Day..." (Plus: Quiz!)

"Nothing standing in my way!"

I was having a great day today. I have a few new movies to add to my profile. I forgot to add "Forrest Gump" a while ago, and I also forgot to add "Beastly", I think.

But today, I saw "Robin Hood", the 2010 version. Wanna know my absolute favorite line?

"I declare you to be an OUTLAW!!!!"
-Some king in the movie.

Sorry, but there's something about that line that just makes me cringe, because... I don't know, the way he says it. It's so... I don't know... it reminds me of Narnia.

And Narnia reminds me of the Disney Movies.

And the Disney Movies remind me of Prince Caspian.

And Prince Caspian is so... Dreamy. And Edmund is just too hot in that movie! He's just so manly and hot!

Anyway, that was good. I'm gonna try to make this post really short, for your entertainment.

(Also, I like "Robin Hood" because of the music. That's what reminds me of  "Prince Caspian", because the music drew me to Narnia. And Edmund.)

Anyway, you wanna know what a perfect day is to me?

  • A nice hammock
  • Sitting under a tree
  • Reading a nice book
  • A devotion
  • Writing
  • Listening to Beethoven
  • Listening to Justin Bieber
  • Listening to my iPod
  • A short nap. (suggested by Kayla.)
  • Flowers surrounding me in a garden
  • A life without spiders and bees and wasps. (my Wednesday's Walk for next week!)
"Mix it all together and you know you've got the best of both worlds!" Oh my gosh. Yes, I'm quoting Hannah Montana. I used to be a huge fan of her and knew all the lyrics to her first and second CDs. Thank God that phase ended, now I can Wednesday's Walk about it.
Short Bieber Fever Diagnosis

do you have the fever? Here's a short quiz to help you know how far is too far with Bieber love, and if you're crossing the line between "He's Okay", "Bieber Fever", "Belieber", or blatant "Bieberism".

How do you feel about Justin?
A) Really hate him. "Close my eyes and pray" that he won't be famous someday.
B) I like a few songs.
C) I like him, but he gets annoying.
D) He's my "Baby, baby, baby OHHH!"

What about Selena Gomez?
A) I like her.
B) She's okay.
C) Not at all.
D) Back off Justin! "That should be me."

How many Bieber songs do you like?
A) None. Why would you ask that???
B) A few or less.
C) Seven to ten.
D) Every. Single. One! "I just need somebody to love!"

Would you ever purchase a song by him? How many?
A) None.
B) One at the very least.
C) As many as I would listen to on YouTube.
D) The whole album. Every single time.

Mostly A's.
You don't like Justin--- at all. You're an "Anti-Bieber-ist".

Mostly B's.
You think he's okay, but it's under control.

Mostly C's.
You have the Bieber Fever, but it's not bad.

Mostly D's.
It's almost a religion for you. Sorry, you are a Bieberist. Seek help immediately.

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