Saturday, March 12, 2011

Me and My Gang...

I can't explain my weekend clearly. I missed out on homeschool group because I forgot to cook a Macedonian dish, so I just didn't go. I got some sleep on Thursday night and practiced my vocal solo on Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday, Friday, was ReBecca's birthday. (at the end of my RandomNess post yesterday I said "Happy fourteenth birthday, Rebecca".) I went to her house, but it wasn't a party. Just basically a family event and her friend Olivia came as well.

Being the crazy teens (and pre-teens) we are, we played Just Dance all night. And finally, somebody had the same love for this song as I do.

"Up the chim-en-y! Jump in the line, rock your body in time!"

We played all of my favorite Just Dance 2 songs. However, I found some things that weren't right.

In "Big Girls, You Are Beautiful", the girl could have been a little bit bigger. (I'm just sayin'...)
We didn't go home until 11 last night, (and did I mention there was steak involved? *licking lips* Juicy, seasony steak?) and it was fun. I've only met Olivia a few times, but she's really funny! She's also got the Bieber Fever. She's a belieber. Kinda scary... kinda cool!

Last night I drank so much soda (A&W, Diet Coke, and then Coca-Cola) that I just died of craziness. There was a time where I was like, lying on the floor of laughter, and randomly started talking. I think I was talking to myself...

Also, I came up with the best plot for my story "Unspoken", the one about the couple who's mute and deaf. I can't tell you everything, but I'll tell you that they're gonna get married and Braeden is gonna join the Air Force. He's gonna get deployed to Afghanistan and while they're married they're gone have a baby girl together. Or twins... either is cool with me.

The question now is... die or live? My dad told me he should survive the war and then drving back from the airport, he gets killed in a drive-by shooting. That'd be kinda weird. Maybe he should die in the war... but I sorta want my story to have a happy ending, because it's a Christian book that I want Zondervan to publish. I want Holli to think he's dead, but then he comes back alive somehow.

I like sunshine endings...

And one last thing.

Finally... I can listen to this song without muting it!


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