Saturday, March 26, 2011

Typical Saturday of an Author

Okay, so I'm not a published author, (yet!) but I am an accomplished blog author, I like to say.

What can a musician's daughter, crafty girl, music lover, and author be found doing on the weekend?

Well, first, they can be found on YouTube...

BAHAHA! My dog does that weird face too. And the music... interesting.

Secondly, they can be found practicing a vocal solo.

They can be found being crafty and decorating a composition book with magazine papers. I'll have to show you mine someday it says "Soul Surfer", "Paramore", (written twice!) "Cheerleading", "Swimming", and it has a huge diaper on it. I'm gonna add more today. It's a fun and easy craft that drowns me in the things I love and makes me smile when I use it!

A music lover can be found jamming out to this...

Keep your eyes on 2:02. I just love the harmonies on this song when they say "somebody to lo-o-ove..." it makes me want to be his backup singer.

(when Jaden says "I was born from two stars..." he really was. Will Smith and Jada Smith. But let's not talk about them... this is a Christian blog!) Please don't ignore this song because it's by a Bieber. It's a really inspiring song. Had it been a Christian song, I'd give it five stars!

And where it says "post a Komment", be aware that this is not my video and that I know how to spell 'comment'!

Anyway, the songs that really inspire me when I write are...

Notice they say "keep your feet on the ground when your head's in the clouds", which is our Spring quote!

I wanna sing this next year for Fine Arts, and it really inspires my story I'm currently writing, especially since it's a Christian story!
Our Fine Arts band is doing great! We have a huge chance at Nationals!

Two Weeks Ago....
Brian was waaaay off beat.
Mark showed up an hour and fifteen minutes late because of Maria's Narnia play. (she was Mr. Tumnus!)
Mariah and I were still learning our lyrics.
Chris' bass was quiet, but it sounded good.
Nathan was trying to figure the song out.
Josh was too quiet.

Last Week....
Brian stopped rocking to his own beat and finally got on track.
Mark learned his notes.
Mariah learned the lyrics and has good stage presence.
I learned my harmonies and am a lot louder. (Brian can hear me and Mariah over the drums now!)
Chris' bass is still quiet, but he's doing good.
Nathan is rocking his guitar solo(s).
Josh is strutting his strumming.

we have practice tomorrow, and if our progress keeps going up, we have a HUGE chance at Nationals! (Arizona... how will we get there???) At our first practice, because we were doing so bad and time pressed, I thought Nationals... never. (and it's my dad's 48th bday today! Happy bday, Dad! If you're wondering why it's written in this unlikely place, it's because I'm just now writing it and sticking it in a random place...)

Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground, pick it up.........

And never say never.

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