Friday, March 18, 2011

RandomNess Friday~I'm Even MORE Famous!

Okay, y'all, I'm on the brink of fame now. Yes, I mean famous kind of fame. Just keep reading with me, you'll smile. Unless you don't care about movie producers commenting on a twelve-year-old's blog.

Now, before I talk about "When I Grow Up", I wanna talk about how my dream is slowly coming true. But before that, I must list one of the sins of a blogger.

Okay, it's not an official sin.

I don't think God really cares about this one.

Now I've got a confession...
I did not check my comments from Gymnastics IS Life! since last year. I thought, you know, who cares about a blog that's all about gymnastics and the Olympics? Well, quite a few people care.

I got my attention...
I received four new followers. Little did I know, that was last month. I posted a long post on the blog a few days ago to thank them for following.

Then, yesterday, I was just reading the blog and happened to read my post, Rip-Off and Win. I saw that I had three comments. That's great for a blog that no one reads.

One girl said that she's a homeschooled gymnast, too. Cool.

Another girl said she liked my blog.

Then, the most surprising comment came.

A movie producer????!!!!
No way! The last comment was from Anna. I expected another teenage girl looking at my blog because they just happened to get there. But nooo....

There is an indie film coming out soon, called Cold Warrior. Cold Warrior is a short film (I'd say it's only about an hour or 90 min. long?) that they are trying to raise money for. I'd love to donate... but, you know, kids only have so much money when they've pledged $100 to Speed The Light and have birthday parties to go to and things they want.

Anyway... Anna is on the team that will be creating the movie, and she posted a comment on my blog. ( I also think she follows me now.) She told me the URL and stuff. I will do whatever I can for this movie.

What's the movie about? Visit the link and you'll see. It seems like it'll be a little PG-13 because it's target of abortion, but I think it'll be great!
Well, for those of you who didn't know, or didn't wear the right color, yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Who was he?

I'll tell you that soon...
Well, When I grow up I wanna be famous. To make a long story short, I'm gonna be a local news reporter. Then, I'm gonna move my way up to a magazine editor, and while still doing that, I'm gonna take Lester Holt's position on Nightly News. (Look him up.)

Then, I'll be the woman that takes Brian Williams' spot.

Yeah... I'm comin' for ya, Brian.
Smiles from YOUR BLOG!


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