Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Emergency

This a walk on something that sorta happened... well, today.

I got a haircut.

Not a small one.

A big one.

Let's say... I can't Whip My Hair anymore.

Chopped off.

Not that I hated it or anything.

I just wanna remember it.

This is just to let you know that The Underworld just got slightly better. The reason my hair is so short (Sorry I couldn't show the whole style!) is mainly because my mom says it's too damaged, but I alos want it to be natural again.

For all you black girls, who have relaxed hair, you know that this is a long process, too long to explain.

Let's just say the recipe for natural, 'fro hair means going bald.

But, if I can get a picture on RandomNess Friday, I will be sure to show you my Mary J. Nlige/Keri Hilson cut.

If you want an example...

Tune in on Friday!

But for now, it's Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday.


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