Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Born Again

Okay, I had another walk, but it scared me SOOOO much that I stopped it. You see, I have Spider-Phobia and I was talking about why. But my fear of eight-legged creatures kept me from publishing. I need a doctor.... Some Dr. Pepper!

So now, I went back to my original walk I was gonna do before that.

Okay, since I cancelled the last post, I've been blank on ideas and just forgot what the "original post" was. As y'all know, I have short term memory loss, which I've mentioned in that link.
So here it is.

I don't remember the day I got saved.
I don't remember the date. I don't remember what season it was. I do remember the year, though. I was five, (or maybe four...) so it was either late 2003 (I'm a November baby!) or early 2004. So yeah, the year is difficult to remember when you were really little, and you were born late in the year.

I wonder if I really thought about it.
Being really little when I got saved, I didn't fully understand the concept. But it doesn't matter now, because now I do, and I'm so glad I prayed that prayer! 2010 was a great year for my walk with the Lord!

My second in-state missions trip.
A Newsboy once said, (wait.... was it the Newsboys??? I think so...) "Missions doesn't have to be overseas. There are peopel hurting in you neighborhood, at your job, in your school. And you were put there for a reason." Well, I like to call it a camp, (because it was just that fun!) but I went to Missions Extreme last year and the year before with some kids in my former childrens' church. (I still go to that church and I help out with the kids, I'm just not considered one of the JAM kids anymore.) Kids from AG churches all over Ohio were there.

We worked with the Convoy Of Hope last year, and I got to participate in a human video drama. They year before, my drama was "By Your Side", and my leader for that was named Chanda. (Chanda like 'Panda'.) Last year we did "Why" by Nicole Nordeman, and it was my favorite human video I was ever in. We had speaking parts and everything. However, I hated that I had to "crucify Jesus". At the beginning, I narrated the little girl's part, and then into the chorus, I switched roles and joined the crowd. Hated it.

(the song is on the playlist. It was not available to post from YouTube.)

This "camp" was life-changing. I started reading my Bible soooooo much more, and actually wanted to. I started The Bible Challenge, and found the first three verses during a devotion time at camp. That's how I came up with my semi-used-to-be-popular post, Lost in the Twilight.

When my challenge ended on October 18th, the next day began a new challenge.

70 days. 7 prayers daily.

It was hard! And did I mention I fasted from several things? Makeup, (even playing with makeup wasn't permitted!) temp hair dyes, YouTube, Twitter, high heels & gymnastics. (I still haven't gotten back into that... Grr...) It was worth it! And I love God even more, now!

And suddenly, it happened.
Before Prayer Camp, (the 70 days thing) exactly nine days before, I finally got...


I have never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, at least I don't think so, but I got baptized in water on the perfect Sunday. 10.10.10. Pastor Jay called me Faith (my sister's name, we always get mixed up) when he baptized me, but I forgive him:) Besides, it was kinda funny!

Anywho.... getting baptized was great.

So yeah. I have many steps to go, but at least I can say this....

I've been born again!

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