Monday, March 14, 2011

Mispell Munday~Excuses, Excuses...

Welcome to my Mispell Munday about the fine arts of the nation. Our church is having several groups of kids and teens performing, and I'm gonna tell you everything about it. Plus, info about the Sham Rock, and everything you can imagine.
in my lsat psot, i frogot to mnetion the History Channel Alive. i was Rosa Parks and it wnet well. the orgnial paln was for Rosa to hvae a Southern acecnt, but it'd mkae it silly.

Tihs is the snog Kayla tlod me the Fun Arts kdis are diong for thier Human Video.

Tihs is the clwon snog. "This is the stuff..." (for Fun Arts.)

Oaky, tihs has got to be one of my FVAORITE snogs. i lvoe the meoldy, and the lyrics are so maeningful. tihs snog mihgt be for the Fine Arts Human Video. (Fine Arts is the older kids, 7-12 grade. Fun Arts is the younger kids in grades 6 and lower.)

Wlel, enuogh on taht.

ALSO... Remember to pray for my freind. I can't tell you why becuase it's raelly serious and personal. But pray for her.

And, anyway, I wnet to the Sham Rock on Sat. wtih Faith, her freind Autumn from school, Charity, and Baileigh. Smoe others popped up, too. It was at a local museum and it was packed. Also, my song came on.

"Whip it really good!"

"We gon' rock this club, we gon' go all night..."

Tehn, me and Ryan cuoldn't find the rest of the gruop, but we fuond tehm. Kinda awkward... you know... wtih a guy i only knew for abuot an huor.

But it was fun!

Tehn, lsat nihgt was the Taste Of Missions banquet. (let me put it in simpler words.... FOOOOOD!) i sat wtih Brian and Brian, Drew, Baileigh, Brittany, Pastor Darren, Collin, Faith, Samm, and Sarah and tehre's mroe.


Earlier was Fine Arts practice. Man, i wsih i was in the Human Video.


Wlel, tehy get to do a Prep, (cheerleading stunt, and my sister is the flyer!) and tehy get to mkae a human church steeple. Puls, tehy get to do tumbling. (Autumn, not the one listed above, and Kalie are doing handstand forward-rolls. Kalie can't really do it yet, so if i was in the video, i cuold tkae her sopt becuase it's so easy... well, maybe not easy, but it's simple for me.)

Okay, I decided not to "Mispell" this part.

I'm in the band! Yeah, the church Christian Band.

I'm a backup singer, which is good enough for me! I'm fine not being front and center, because guess who is???


Who's Mariah? She's pretty new to our church, but everyone already knew her. The church she came from was a huge competitor against our JBQ team. In fact, that church is down the street from Charity's school. And some of those great JBQers came, too.

Blake is Mariah's brother. He was sooooo good at JBQ. He knew like, every question that exists. But he's too old for JBQ now, because he's one grade higher than me. (and he's a football quarterback... OMG that is sooo hot)
Dina is a shy girl who is friends with Mariah's sister.
Natalie is Mariah's sister, who I always get her name mixed up with, even though there's a HUGE age difference.

Mariah is our leader, and she's a great singer. While the boys were learning their instruments and stuff, me and Mariah practiced in the kitchen with Nathan's iPod. I was almost embarrassed singing next to Maraih.


Because she's such a great singer.

I am... an ant when I sing.
Mariah is... I don't know... an ant-eater?

Or here's a better illustration...

I am... American cheese.
Mariah is... the TOP cheese.

Much better.

Here's our song. I know you'll like it.

1:40 is where I sing. Actually, I sing all the choruses. But keep your eyes on the piano girl, because she's a great example of how I am singing and how Mark is playing piano.

Here's our band!
Lead vocalist--- Mariah
Backup vocalist--- Hope:)
Lead electric guitar--- Nathan
Other electric guitar--- Josh
Bass guitar--- Chris
Piano/Keyboard--- Mark
Drums--- Brian L.

These are the talents we are given. The gifts we use to spread the word. We will shout that Jesus saves until the whole world hears.

"This is the stuff you use."

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