Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~The Last Walk {to Wendy's}

Remember Valerie? Well, here's a post about those fun times.
Charity and Valerie were best friends since that Spring day of 2003, eight years ago. Yes, I felt the need to put that in bold print, because I can't believe how long ago that was--- I WAS FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!!
There were some rocky times, oh yeah. Charity and Val stopped being friends in the eighth grade. They didn't talk again until they were sophomores in high school.
But when they started talking again, (because they walked to school together because Val lived less than 60 seconds from me) they became friends. Then, they became good friends. Then, they were pretty good friends, and....

VOILA! Best friends again!

I remember the warm summer days spent at each other's houses. Valerie was a distant sister. Many times, Valerie would spend the afternoon at my house, then go back to her house to eat dinner, and then we'd go to her house afterwards. We'd do anything--- play soccer, get on the computer, talk, even read. Doesn't sound like a whole bunch, but it made our days fun.
We were huge geeks:). Some days, we'd spend hours reading books from her large bookshelf she had, and probably still has. Once, me and Val had a competition when I was younger, who would finish their book first. Sometimes, I'd cheat and skip 10 pages, and she'd still win. Sometimes, I'd read a 63-page book, and she read a 200-page book. She'd still win.

We also did some of the dumbest things. Like that one time when we ate tubes of lip balm, that was so gross, LoL! I can only name some of the crazy things we did.
When I was younger, I loved her closet so much that I would ask her if I could buy clothes from her closet. She always said no, anyway.

Her father was in the Air Force, too. We both moved to Ohio in the same year. Her and Charity were in the same grade. In high school, they attended the same school. (Go Wayne!)
But, they also became long-distance friends.
Valerie was supposed to move after eighth grade. But, she ended up leaving after the tenth.

I never got to say an official goodbye.

It felt horrible. The last 'goodbye' I said to Val was after our last walk to the nearest Wendy's, which is walking distance from me and is really close to the future place I might take acro at. That last 'goodbye' was a casual 'see ya tomorrow' goodbye. Not the goodbye I wanted to say.
I really did think that I would see her tomorrow. But, life was busy. I hardly ever got to see her after that. You see, her dad was now in Colorado Springs, and her family was preparing to go there with him. She was busy pulling off a DIY move while I was bored without my only friend on the street.

The last year I cheered, her father was a basketball ref. I saw her very often in the winter of that year.
But, as summer approached and it was almost her time to go, we went on vacation. It sure was a fun vacation!

North Carolina, and then hanging out with my Grandpa, (really special--- my living grandma is divorced, so I barely get to see him) aunts and cousins in Atlanta. We got to do everything--- Hard Rock Cafe, plus Centennial Olympic Park! Everything an Olympic lover would want to see.
By the time I was back from vacation, it was late at night, and even more worse, the day before Missions Extreme. I already had my outfits planned, so all I did was stuff it in three bags and personal stuff and hygiene (like toothbrush, girly things, etc.) and all that good stuff. I even had some extra time to put temp. pink streaks in my hair.

So much happened while I was gone.

There's this family that I follow on Twitter, the Potvins, who's daughter had relapsed stage 4 cancer. She's 8. Ellie was strong. Over 40 tumors, and she fought through it to the end. But on June 23, she passed away. The Potvins call her their angel.
Cancer has damaged my life enough. I know a cancer survivor who's still alive, then there's my Uncle Charles, and there's Mr. Wes. Cancer is something I've gotten used to over the years. Plus, I got a phonecall today that the lady, Mrs. Judy, who was married to Mr. Wes, her father died of the same thing today. Sad. First, her husband dies of cancer last May, and less than a year later, her father dies.

Back to the subject.

Valerie moved when I was at Missions Extreme. She's gone. But, trust me, I'll meet her again. My sisters said goodbye for me while I was gone, but it sure makes me wish I was there. At least we can still text each other, now.
Valerie, you like The Fray, don't cha?
Your favorite Tenth Avenue North song.

I wrote this post so that my friends can see that they rock my world! Not just Valerie, but every single one of them!
And my blog readers... YOU MEAN JUST AS MUCH TO ME!!!
Happy Sweet Sixteenth birthday, Kayla! You're growing up!

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  1. great post Hope! and yes, happy birthday to Kayla! :)


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