Monday, March 21, 2011

Mispell Munday~Kayla's Sweet Sixteen!

This is a piece of cake. Yummy!

Today, we are not misspelling. We are using baby language.

OWWHHH.... wook at dat pwiece of cwake! Isn't it bweautiful? Last Wednesday was Kay-wa's sweet sixteenth bwirthday! But on Saturday, it was her Super Sweet Sixteen.

As you see, I'm wearing a knee-length bwack dress.

Can you keep a secret???

There was a limousine for some of the girls and it was nice and long. For me and Sarah, it was hard to get out of, because it was also tiny. We had water bottles and we poured the water into wineglasses. I promise you, it really was just water! I was the second pickup, and again, only a few kids were in the limo! It was so much fun! That was my first limo ride, and we listened to the entire "Fearless" CD by Taylor Swift. It was certainly my favorite birthday party, not because of the limo, but because it was Kayla's birthday!

It was great seeing  Kayla with a smile on her face!

I think---I know---that that had to be the best party ever that Kayla had a part in!! Well, not really, it was a surprise, so she thought her party was the next day. But nope... her friends were gonna party at the Prairies welcome center!

My Letter of Intent to Kayla...
Kayla Elizabeth Vice, that's your name. I promised I would blog about you, here it is! Born on March 16th, 1995, you were obviously a blessing to your parents, and also your many friends you were soon to have. I met you when I was four years old, we moved to Ohio the same exact year. 2003. There was a gift exchange, and I was a really big brat. I didn't get the toy I wanted, and I doubt you even remember this. I bursted into tears, because, you had the toy I wanted. You had  tiny baby dolls, man, I was obsessed with those toys. You saw me crying and gave me your baby dolls. I was happy not only because you gave me the dolls, but because you were nice enough to care. These aren't false memories, ask my mom any day. I've had many good memories from you, because you are an awesome friend. You moved away in 2006, and I wasn't great friends with you--- yet. When you moved back, we were in a life group together. Then, you invited me to your birthday parties and everything. We were in a History and Science club together after that. We were in FAITH homeschool group, and attended the smae church, obviously. You are the one that I accused to have the Bieber Fever, and now you're doing the same thing the other way around. You are a great babysitter. Me? Not as much. If you were needed in the nursery, you were always there. Every time I see you, you're almost always with the Goodwin girls. I don't know how you do it, how kids love you so much.

One more thing: You are a great role model.

Visit Kayla today! Ask her a question... not a real one... but let her know that you hope it was her bestest day! Don't care if you know her or not, she barely posts about herself. It's all mainly just reblog.

Go say hi to her!

P.S. To Kayla, it's time you ditch Tumblr and discover Blogger!


  1. aww (: Hopie thanks! I totally dont remember that baby doll thing. but it means a lot to me(: love you!


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