Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Viva Las Vegas

"Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas turning daytime into nighttime turning nighttime into daytime... you'll never be the same again!"

Yes. I listen to old songs. That would be "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley. I had nothing to blog about (me? nothing to blog about?) so since today is an unofficial holiday, Wednesday's Walk, I decided that I could blog about something that happened a long time ago.

I've mentioned this before, (I think) and it really sucks to be twelve. There's barely anything to blog about! At least for Wednesday's Walk there isn't.

I can't blog about ear piercings. (Partially cuz I was a baby when that happened.)
I can't blog about love stories. (Well, I can blog about what happened on my 6th bday.)
I don't have kids. (But I'm gonna have plenty of them when I grow up.)
And I have never been to college.

So today, I'm blogging about something I just barely remember. With the help of Mommy, of course! (I begged that lady to get a blog... it's just not working!)
On Wright-Patterson, it was really warm today. I was hot. Just saying...

Anyway! This post is about my lovely trip to the pretty city in Nevada.

Okay, all I can reallly remember is going to Circus-Circus. Chairty got to spin a ball on her finger with the help of a clown. Faith wasn't a fan of that. (In other words, Faith was afraid of clowns.)  I didn't care though. I thought clowns were pretty funny! But now that I think about it, ever since The Dark Knight, I have never liked clowns.

I can remember that we were in a cool hotel.

I can remember the dancing waters. Makes me thirsty now that I think about it.

I think we were there because of some military thing if I'm right??? I think. I think we went with some friends, too.

That's today's walk down down... Oh, I probably shouldn't say the name of my street, LoL! JK, that was my walk down memory lane!
And finally, I might've found my song!

And there's an instrumental! I'm still thinking about the J.J. Heller song, but this one is easier for me to sing! It's high-pitched, but both of them are. And I like the way my voice sounds with this one!


  1. What a fun post :) My husband and I went to Las Vegas last year and we had a blast! I loved the fountains too!

  2. that is a great post, Hope! Yeah for your mom for helping you remember :) and I love that song too.


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