Friday, February 4, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Superbowl XLV Looks For The Party!

Beware, only Green Bay Packer fans are allowed to read this message, because we're too cool for you.

We put the "Green And Yellow" (Lil Wayne song that I've heard of, never listened to) in "Black and Yellow"!

Steelers, we're out to get cha! RAWR:)

To be honest, I'm the only Green Bay fan in my entire family. The whole family. We have no connection with Wisconsin at all, but we sure like cheese.

So welcome to my first "RandomNess Friday", and I hope you watch the forty-fifth Superbowl at 6:30 on Sunday!
So, are you staying home and getting cozy, or are you heading out to a party? I just got back from a late-night birthday party at Red Robin with Charity's friends. Her friends CRACK ME UP!

I hope you go to a party, or host the party, because "you can't do the wave by yourself!" (the Chex Mix commercial... we're made to mix.) But when you go to your party, of course you gotta dress athletic, but what kind of glam should you have? Let's see...

Yes, that's a huge icicle!
Here's another reminder for you to drive safe!

Missed the big game??? Your iPod Touch can surf the web and you'll find more info than you got at the game!
Tip: "I always listen to music, but I have to love my iPod. Blogger sponsors mobile devices like the iPhone (which is very similar to an iPod Touch) now, so now I can blog from my iPod. And I still research everything from it!"-Hope
Please, honey, please. Only Green Bay Packer girls can try this. Paint your nails green and do a gold French tip. Don't forget to use topcoat!
Tip: "Never forget base and top coat. They keep your nails healthy and strong. If you need more strength, try making a homemade fortifier with lots of lemon juice and some green tea. Green tea gives long nails and lemon juice strengthens them and returns them to their natural color! Perfect combination for perfect nails. My secret for salon-looking beauty."-Hope
You will love this perfume! (eau de toilette, I think.) Dark Kiss from Bath & Body Works is great after a shower! It works best with Dark Kiss Lotion, and keeps skin scented, but light enough to add another perfume.
Tip: "I love wearing this! I feel more confident every time I wear it! With the lotion, which was a Blogspot nominee, I smell like it all day. Much for your buck." 
This is not what it smells like, but it is what it looks like. It's knock-off perfume. Jean Philippe Paris, their version of "Glow" by J.Lo. It is $1 at Dollar Tree stores, but it can be mistaken for so much more. Spray Dark Kiss on your body before you put your clothes on, and spritz this on your clothes. The smells together are very sassy.
Tip: "Carry this in your purse--- it's a boost right when you need it!"
Odyssey, from Avon. Price unknown. It smells so strong at first, and tones down to a sweet, fairytale smell. Goes great with your somewhat "Glow" perfume.
Tip: "DO mix sassy with sweet! It's nice when guys mix AXE, even though I hate AXE, it's nice when it's worn with Old Spice. When I wear Odyssey on my neck and Glow on my body, I feel like Superwoman." 
Baby oil, you can get it anywhere. Surprisingly, more adults use it than babies. Here's how us teenagers and pre-teens can use it:
Tip: "I was watching The Doctors when I heard them talking about amazing legs in less than an hour. I shave my legs whenever they have to be revealed, because they get irritated by razors. I shave with soap, but their trick was shave with baby oil. My first thought was, why baby oil? But it all makes sense now. I did it. What you do is rub it on your legs in the shower until you can tell that the water isn't mixing with the oil well. Then, shave from there and that's it. It's just like your normal routine, but it takes longer. Within three minutes of getting out of the shower, moisturize with [preferably] Dark Kiss. Baby oil; smells sweet, but the smell fades and lets Dark Kiss slowly overpower it. That's why I trust baby oil with my legs, because it also waterproofs your legs! Water runs off like nothing! So go play in the rain, it's worth it."
MMM... sparkles. $1, L.A. Colors, Dollar Tree stores. Get more for your buck! After using lip balm, lipstick, lip color, and a sheer gloss, use this to add some disco to the party.
Moisture is in this season! And your face takes a lot of hard work! So give it the gift of moisture, and feel the baby come back to you.
$1, Moisturizing Gloss, L.A. Colors, Dollar Tree Stores. As you can see, I love Dollar Tree! This gloss not only stays true to it's color, but moisturizes longer than it's even there! Now that's true lipgloss!
That's only a few of our Superbowl deals for the party! Just wait... and you'll get random fashion deals!

Wishing Green and Yellow wishes,
Happy birthday, Charity! You're seventeen now!

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