Thursday, February 17, 2011


Okay. Here's the deal. I may not be on Pingy anymore, (I got taken off the list:( ) but my blog is still TAKING OFF!!!!!!

I had this half-dream (as in half-awake half-asleep, but mainly dreaming, but you can choose to wake up whenever you want to) that Malcom Maddox had replied to my email. But I knew it wasn't true.

I hadn't even emailed Malcom Maddox yet. (He's a reporter for Dayton's News Source.) So it couldn't be true. But I knew one thing at this time: Someone did reply. So I simply prayed that if someone really did reply, that I'd find out soon somehow. I prayed that if it was just a dream, that it would just be a one-time thing.

I didn't have that dream again. As I checked my Gmail yesterday after church, I had a small feeling of doubt, but a huge feeling that I'd like what was in my inbox. And I did.

At the second-to-top (the other email on top didn't count. It was from Aeropostale or Isotoner. Just junk) was the name "Jeffrey Booth". I smiled from cheek to cheek.

I called my mom in the room like a mad woman. This was important. Jeff Booth is a meteorologist, and I watch his forecasts on TV like, all the time! So having this person that I watch on TV actually email me was very important.

I think you'll like Jeff's interview! He's a very fun, very intelligent meteorologist who's lived in Hawaii. He started getting interested in weather because when he was younger he wanted snow days WAIT!!! I can't tell you that yet!!!

If you really want to see Jeff's interview (you don't wanna miss it. It's a really important leap for me!), then make sure you tune in for RandomNess Friday next week! It's best if you visit the blog on Saturday, because I do late-night blogging.

While you're waiting, here's some interviews from the past!
Kayla, Cheerleader
Micheala, Gymnast
Miss Jenilee, Pastor's Wife and Homeschooler
Cameron, Sarah, Elijah, Drew, Robbie, Natalie and Chris
Becca, Songwriter
Vanessa, Foreign Exchange Student and Germany Native

And coming soon...
-Doug, a martial artist and my cousin
-Jeffrey Booth, meteorologist for Dayton's News Source

This blog is two years old now, but that also means that it;s only at the beginning of success.

***UPDATE*** Don't use the JBQ interview link with Sarah, Cameron, Elijah, Drew, Robbie, Natalie, and Chris. Here is the correct link.

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