Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mispell Munday~Silver Lining

This "Mispell Munday" is about all the fun I had at a Superbowl party, Charity's birthday party, and the silver lining that came from it.
i was raedy to hvae a graet tmie. it was friday, and taht maent it was Charity's brithady. smoe of her freinds were gnona be there. i was so ecxited. i had never gone to a praty before----- not tihs late at ngiht, and not wtih high scool kids. it was so ecxiting, we were giong at 7:30 and cmoing bcak at 9. supopesdly.

we shwoed up at 7:00 in csae smoe freinds shwoed up early. smoe freinds showed before we did. we had reseravtions, but Red Robin emlpoyees said "we wrote down your reservation but we don't take reservations". so they worte it dwon for the fun of it? waht the--- i can't even.... ugh.

taht praty was sooo fun though. Red Robin, you're too bsuy, you've got bad custmoer srevice. but i love yuor food.

yesterday was the Superbowl XLV praty. i had too mcuh fun. i tihnk if i was thre any lnoger i wuold've passed out. i went carzy.
It's Feb. 7th... Happy birthday, Mom!

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